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Patrick Cress' Telepathy is an original jazz quartet that creates unique compositions and highly energized improvised music. Its unusual instrumentation (baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, acoustic bass, and drums) and openness to unconventional time signatures bring new ideas that push past the traditional sounds of jazz. The bass and drums are not a mere rhythm section providing an aural context for the horns; rather, in Patrick Cress' Telepathy each member shares the responsibility for the melody, each musician works toward a particular concept. It is this insistence on both compelling sound and innovative direction that prevents Patrick Cress' Telepathy from slipping into the stereotypical abrasiveness of the avante-garde. Instead, the group's stylistic experimentation produces tasteful, thought-provoking fare, from pared down unison chants to sprints of ride cymbal adrenalin to dovetailed lines of saxophone and bass.
*Photo by Gabriel Harber

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"...creating new landscapes in sound while keeping toes tapping."
-Jeff Trainor, The Source